Great Sand Sculptures at the Beach

The 84th Annual Great Sand Sculpture Competition            Hopes were high and so were the tides on August 14th when the Grand Sculpture Competition ended its two day event in Long Beach.           I headed down to Granada Avenue off of Ocean Boulevard in Belmont Shore expecting … Continue reading Great Sand Sculptures at the Beach


El Dorado Nature Center

Quick Trip #1      This is the first segment of my “Quick Trips” series that will feature great travel ideas that can take up as little or as much time as you would like. You can choose one of these adventures and they are sure to deliver a great excuse to do something different! … Continue reading El Dorado Nature Center

Markets & Open Mic Nights

          I couldn't contain my excitement, so I decided to make a little blog post about the lovely day I had yesterday. I have been wanting to go to one of the Farmers Markets in Long Beach for months now. But, for one reason or another my schedule never seemed to … Continue reading Markets & Open Mic Nights

Goin’Over the Bridge

          My spontaneous solo trip last week took me over a bridge to two extremely beautiful locations; The Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro and the hiking trails in Palos Verdes.           I have been to the Korean Friendship Bell multiple times, yet I have never viewed … Continue reading Goin’Over the Bridge

Summer Fun at the OC Fair

           There are a few things that mark summertime for me. Not only is my birthday the official “first day of summer,” (June 21st) but I associate the warm months with late nights, bonfires, beach days, running barefoot on the hot black pavement to the ice cream truck, and going to … Continue reading Summer Fun at the OC Fair

Claremont Village

The Day Trip Adventure Continues...          My trip to the BAPS Mandir didn't end there. My friend Jordan and I decided to explore Claremont Village; a quaint area with great shops and amazing restaurants near  La Verne and Pomona (the area where I lived/grew up until I was about six years old).Only … Continue reading Claremont Village