4th Generation Designs – Cheryl Bryan

"A Vintage Feel with a Modern Edge" Like most people, my fashion goes through stages. More specifically my use of accessories. I used to load on the jewelry and was all about large hoop earrings, wrists full of bangles and chunky bracelets. However, over the past few years I have slowly shied away from heavier … Continue reading 4th Generation Designs – Cheryl Bryan



Using Repurposed Shipping Containers to Bring the Community Together with Artisan Drinks and Food. You wouldn't expect to see an urban eatery off of Bixby Road and Long Beach Blvd., but SteelCraft has managed to find a balance between the industrial and the domestic. Tucked in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach, Calif. SteelCraft … Continue reading SteelCraft

The Arches

Visiting the Arches National Park in Utah The photos from this trip were amazing, and although they don't do the Arches National Park nearly enough justice, it gives a fair stab at it. I had never heard or seen anything about the arches, but it was an amazing experience and I am so excited to … Continue reading The Arches

You Want this run-in with a Monster

Macarons & Ice Cream, oh my!                          Second Street in Long Beach, California is home to many unique restaurants, shops, and dessert parlors. One of the newer and most loved ones is "Snow Monster," the place where you can get a Macaron sandwich, or … Continue reading You Want this run-in with a Monster

Sunday Booze

Enjoying a Sunday Afternoon at Ballast Point Brewery  At the very end of Marina Drive in Long Beach, California Ballast Point Brewery has created an oasis for community members and visitors. When you walk into the restaurant there is an open floor plan that invites you to pick your most comfortable spot to enjoy carefully … Continue reading Sunday Booze

The Broad

When The Broad Museum opened in 2015, it was all the rage. My news feeds were blasted with friends posting photos of themselves in front of the larger-than-life balloons, and the dining room set that appeared to be made for giants. It seemed to something new and fun, and I was happy to finally experience … Continue reading The Broad

Mules & Tacos

Why making Taco Tuesday's a tradition was the best thing I could have done for myself, and you should start too.  This tradition happened by accident. I found myself looking forward to this day of the week that, with the help of inexpensive food and a nice drink, helps me forget that there are still three … Continue reading Mules & Tacos