“Creating Footprints” is about rediscovering the world around you. Often times as a young (broke) college student I get bogged down by the idea of having to traveling across oceans in order to find a new thrill. It begins to feel like it isn’t special unless it is a selfie in front of the I feel like I’m not doing much of anything unless it is taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower, or shoving gelato in my mouth.

But in reality, there are new experiences to be had right in my own city, and the cities surrounding me. There are adventures to be had that don’t require tons of money or traveling very far.

I want people to go out in their neighborhoods and find something new that they didn’t know about or haven’t done before. It can be as simple as finding a new restaurant, visiting local museums, attending the local coffee shops open mic night, going to see a live band play, or renting bikes down on the boardwalk.

Traveling doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simply day trips to the city next to yours, or cities a few hours away. I challenge you to get creative with what you see as “traveling,” and get creative with what you actually DO- then everything becomes an adventure.

This blog is a challenge and commitment to myself to do what I love and to follow my own dreams. Using new experiences to fuel my writing and share them with all of you is gratifying and exciting, and I hope to spark that same sense of passion and curiosity inside of you too.

So join me in this quest to see even the small things as adventures and to realize that all of those small things add up to ONE fulfilling life… and we get there one footprint at a time.