4th Generation Designs – Cheryl Bryan

“A Vintage Feel with a Modern Edge”

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All Photos Courtesy of Jordan Daniels

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Like most people, my fashion goes through stages. More specifically my use of accessories. I used to load on the jewelry and was all about large hoop earrings, wrists full of bangles and chunky bracelets. However, over the past few years I have slowly shied away from heavier accessories and have begun to love simple pieces. I love classic items that go with every outfit, yet add a unique flair that makes me excited to go about my day.

I think that is why I instantly fell in love with the hand-crafted accessories from 4th Generation Designs. The customizable necklaces allow the right amount of personality that provides the excitement to an outfit that I’m looking for. I was able to choose whether gold or silver hardware suited me best, and (my favorite part) whether I wanted the pendant to have my favorite quote, mantra, saying, photograph, or an intricate lace detail.

This time I decided on gold hardware and a cream lace embroidered necklace, as well as one with the quote “Not all those that wander are lost.” They are very simple pieces, yet their sentiment and meaning carry so much value.

I am also a sucker for vintage-esque things, and creater Cheryl Bryan has offered a way for these vintage pieces to become modernized. This is what inspired me to throw on a little black dress and a leather jacket just for some fun.

I think what I like most about shopping from hand-made shops is that you get to know the creators behind the designs. Cheryl started 4th Generation Designs on Etsy in December 2011 after her husband dared her to finally take the plunge. That plunge has opened up a whole new world for her to explore creating items she is passionate about.

I think this is the perfect time to share this lovely shop with you all. We have just stepped into Spring, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. These accessories make the unique gifts, and a great #treatyoself if you are looking for a way to switch up your style.

If you do decide to explore 4th Generation Designs, I would love to see the awesome creations that you and Cheryl come up with!


4th Generation Designs 

Hand Crafted Accessories

Creator: Cheryl Bryan

Use the Code 4THGEN at checkout for 20% off.

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All photos courtesy of Jordan Daniels 


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