Using Repurposed Shipping Containers to Bring the Community Together with Artisan Drinks and Food.

Steelhead Coffee. Photo by Jordan Daniels

You wouldn’t expect to see an urban eatery off of Bixby Road and Long Beach Blvd., but SteelCraft has managed to find a balance between the industrial and the domestic. Tucked in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach, Calif. SteelCraft has been happily welcomed into the community.

The grand opening of SteelCraft on Feb. 2 brought together Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, city representatives, and locals eager to experience SteelCraft.

Born from the dream and vision of Long Beach resident Kimberly Gros and Martin Howard, they wanted to find a way to repurpose shipping containers form the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles while providing a counter-service restaurant location for local food vendors.

The idea originated from Gros wanting to open a counter-service ice cream parlor in a shipping container in Downtown Long Beach. But with help from California Small Business Development Center, she quickly realized that having more than one vendor in a space was more likely to gain traction.

Daring to dream bigger, Gros was able to fully realize and bring to life SteelCraft. Now home to eight vendors, they have each brought the space to life by offering their unique food or drink contribution.

Steel Craft: Made from repurposed shipping containers from the LB and LA Ports.      Photo by Emily Ayers

The Eight Vendors Include (click the links to learn more about each small business):

  • Pig Pen Delicacy – This burger joint was started at Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market and puts a new spin on some of the best comfort foods. Specializing in pork, they are the perfect place for all things bacon, and more.
Pig Pen Delicacy. Photo by Jordan Daniels
Burgers from Pig Pen Delicacy. Photo by Jordan Daniels
  • Tajima Ramen – This authentic Japanese Ramen is based in San Diego, but has traveled to LB to offer their delicious flavors and unique broths. This is the first official Ramen Shop to make its appearance In Long Beach and we couldn’t be more thrilled.
  • Smog City Brewing – A family run business, this brewery aims to deliver the best beers. Jonathan Porter who is the head brewmaster was awarded 3 Beer Festival medals, and Long Beach is lucky to have them.
Smog City Brewing Co. Craft Beer. Photo by Jordan Daniels
  • Waffle Love – This one, I have to admit, I am the most excited to try. The Belgian liege waffles are made fresh. Waffle Love started as a food truck, but has now expanded to four different locations.
Waffle Love. Photo by Jordan Daniels
  • Desano Pizza Bakery – Staying true to the century old craft of Neapolitan pizza making, the ingredients in this pizza are imported from Italy and offer a delicious dining experience.
  • Lovesome Chocolates – Serving artisan dark chocolate sweets, this pop up shop offers a range of flavors from spicy, sweet, savory, to floral.
Lovesome Chocolates. Photo by Jordan Daniels
Lovesome Chocolates. Photo by Jordan Daniels
  • Steelhead Coffee – Steelhead Coffee has delicious coffee and divine pastries like donuts and croissants. The vintage coffee shop will entertain you with its 50’s style flair while you wait for a freshly brewed latte or personal drip coffee.
SteelHead Coffee; Lavender Latte. Photo by Jordan Daniels
  • The Fresh Shave – This Barbershop themed shaved ice shop has unique flavors with syrups that are in-house made and each named after a different mustache style. One of Hawaii’s most favorite treats is now something Long Beach locals can enjoy year round.
The Fresh Shave. Photo by Jordan Daniels
The Fresh Shave. Photo by Jordan Daniels

I am a lover of all things rustic, and somewhat hipster. But I still enjoy places that manage to do both while still appealing to diverse groups. Long Beach is great at creating alcoves within neighborhoods that appeal to everyone. I see SteelCraft as the perfect place for families, college students, and older generations.

The open floor plan is inviting and evokes the theme of being a community space. It is great to know that you will most likely run into familiar faces that you have seen in your neighborhood, and that sense of comradery is what living is Long Beach is all about. Not to mention that SteelCraft was consciously made and found a way to reinvent something that alludes to such a vital part of the Long Beach history: the port.

Living right down the street form SteelCraft I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have a place like this nearby. It is already drawing attention from locals and people outside of Long Beach, so I encourage you to visit as soon as you can. For now, here are some pictures that I hope you will enjoy and that will encourage you to go.


Smog City Brewing Co. Photo by Jordan Daniels
View from Long Beach Blvd. Photo by Jordan Daniels
Locals eager to try Steelhead’s Coffe. Photo by Jordan Daniels
Photo by Jordan Daniels
Photo By Emily Ayers


Photo by Emily Ayers

Take a Visit:


3768 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90807

Located at the
intersection of
Long Beach Blvd. and
Bixby Ave

Parking available at lot
adjacent to 3745 Long Beach Blvd.


Steelhead Coffee: Monday-Sunday 7am-7pm

Smog City Brewing: Tuesday-Friday 3pm-9pm,
Saturday 12pm-9pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm, Closed Mondays

Waffle Love: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Closed Sundays

Desano Pizza Bakery: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-9pm, Closed Sundays

Lovesome Chocolates: Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

Shoutout to Jordan Daniels who provided great photos for this Blog Post. 

Check him out below: 






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