Mules & Tacos

Why making Taco Tuesday’s a tradition was the best thing I could have done for myself, and you should start too. 

Lola’s Mexican Cusine’s Moscow Mule.

This tradition happened by accident. I found myself looking forward to this day of the week that, with the help of inexpensive food and a nice drink, helps me forget that there are still three more days until the weekend.

Slowly, I made it into this adventure to find different restaurants in Long Beach that offered the best deals for Taco Tuesday. It was a challenge that I was more than willing to take, and each time I found it more fun than the last.

I thought that my newfound love for complimentary chips and guac, mixed with alcohol, and street tacos made for the perfect excuse to share with you all my top 2 “Taco Tuesday” spots.

Number 1: Lola’s Mexican Cuisine 

Video courtesy of Grunion Gazette Long Beach:

Lola’s Guacamole with fresh California avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, salt, and crumbled queso cotija.
Lola’s Mexican Cuisine’s Mexican Mule, Moscow Mule, and a Dark & Stormy. All only $5 during happy hour.

I live in the Bixby Knoll’s area of Long Beach and just a few minutes away from my house is Lola’s Mexican Cuisine. With another location on Retro Row off of Broadway Avenue, it is a must try. If you go early enough you can catch the tail end of their happy hour from 3-6p.m. and you can get $5 Margaritas, Mules, and half off certain appetizers. The taco special starts at 6pm and you can get $2.00 Tacos and $2 Pacificos.

Number 2: Hole Mole 


Hole Mole has been a favorite of mine for years. Their tacos are $1.19 (A shrimp taco is $1.99) and they are DELICIOUS. Grab a side of chips, your favorite beer, and you will be good to go. Located all around Long Beach I am sure you can find one nearest to you.

My hope is that this post gives you an excuse to venture out into your city to find some of the best “Taco Tuesday” spots, I am sure there are plenty!



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