Craft Beer at The Beach


The first ever Long Beach Craft Beer Festival took place this past weekend on the track & field at CSULB, and thanks to winning two tickets from CSULB’s College Beat TV I was able to enjoy over 50 different breweries.

There was a DJ and live music at the event, in addition to a game section with Jenga, Foosball, and Cornhole. The food section had Legends Sports Bar, Naples Rip Company, and two food trucks. I had the luxury of trying Wachos from the Lobos food truck; waffle french fries with nacho toppings.

Now to the really fun part, the beer. My friend and I decided to try at least one beer from every single brewery, and we made it to all but the last five which is pretty impressive.

I have been a fan of beer for a few years now, but by no means am I an expert on the different flavors and types. But this event made it easy and fun to explore the many options, which tastes appealed to me the most. For example I am not a fan of sours, but I did enjoy certain IPA’s. My favorite beer of the event was from a Japanese brewery named Coedo. It was called Tsuyu Saison and was made from Japanese plums and perilla aged in New Zealand wine barrels. It was divine.

I learned how many great breweries are located near Long Beach, and it was fun to explore the different flavor profiles of the various beers. It is definitely going to lead me to attend more festivals, and more to try out more breweries!




BBQ Wachos from the Lobos Food Truck with bacon bits, chives, and a BBQ and Ranch drizzle.
The Lobos Food Truck

Take a Visit:

Long Beach Craft Beer Festival 

The Lobos Food Truck

 My Top 3 Breweries to Check out:

  1. Coedo 
  2. Four Sons Brewery
  3. Golden Road Brewery



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