The Attic in Belmont Heights

Mac & Hot Cheetos

If you live in Long Beach, you might already know about the little gem on 3441 E Broadway in between Redondo Avenue and Newport Avenue. The Attic is an adorable craftsman style house that serves a menu rich in both flavor and creativity.

The most famous dish is probably their “Mac N’ Cheetos.” A delicious mixture of creamy pasta topped with a generous heaping of hot cheetos. But they haven’t stopped there, you can mix it up with variations such as “The OG Mac,” that has chopped pecanwood smoked bacon, a “Hey Shorty” with slow braised short rib, and many more. Another favorite of mine on the menu is “The Ninny” sandwich with fried green tomatoes, avocado, and jack cheese on a sourdough bun. It is great. Not to mention the Cajun fries that come with it.

The Belmont Heights area of Long Beach is one of my personal favorites. Growing up in that area I always loved the quaint stores and restaurants along Broadway. From great coffee at The Library Coffee House, Coco Reno’s delicious Mexican food, or the Iguana Imports art gallery. Also a few blocks down is a great breakfast restaurant called The Potholder. 

What’s even better is that a stroll along the beach is only a few blocks away. If you haven’t explored this area yet, I recommend you make an evening out of it. Enjoy!




I love that they give the history of Belmont Heights as well as of the restaurant.
The fairy lights on the patio make eating outside both cozy and fun.


Take a Visit:

The Attic

3441 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803


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