Great Sand Sculptures at the Beach

The 84th Annual Great Sand Sculpture Competition 


          Hopes were high and so were the tides on August 14th when the Grand Sculpture Competition ended its two day event in Long Beach.

          I headed down to Granada Avenue off of Ocean Boulevard in Belmont Shore expecting to see castles I could walk through, and larger-than-life replicas of animals and people. Although my expectations were a bit grander, I was still intrigued by the beautiful pieces of art that people had created with sand, water, and the use of simple tools.

          I was happy to see that large crowds of people turned out to explore the event. There were multiple tents with different vendors and a wide range of food tents. It felt like a huge beach party, and it easily was.

          The first sculpture I saw once I worked my way through the crowd was one paying homage to Pokemon Go! But there were many interesting ones to see, like the castle, or an old game boy.

          There was a great energy at the event enhanced by seeing smiling children view the sculptures with awe, and parents wide-eyed trying to make sure their children didn’t try to kick them over.

          I love living in a community that hosts fun events such as this one. I recommend giving it a go next year. It was a great way to wind down the summer and soak up the sun.








Learn More About It:

You can plan to visit next year, or plan to become a sculptor yourself!

Grand Sand Sculpture Competition 


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