Nostalgic About Rome

“Throwback Thursday”


          If you’re anything like me then you spend a lot of days thinking about the beautiful places you’ve been and the many places you hope to go.

          My trip to Rome is one that serves as a constant reminder in my mind as to why I love traveling so much. Rome feels like a friend or lover who I long to return to one day. I miss the cobble stone streets, I miss the bright blue front doors and shutters of buildings that look like they have stood the test of time. I miss the piazza’s, the gelato, the food, the wine, the warmth from all the people, and the history that always seemed to envelope you wherever you turned. I miss it.

          So instead of throwing it back to an old embarrassing picture of myself from high school, I decided to put together a little “throwback” photo diary to pay homage to the wonderful city of Rome, and the beautiful country of Italy.

          It won’t be the same as being back there, but until I return it will have to do. I hope it sparks memories of your own from places near or far that are permanently stamped in your mind as reasons why you must continue the adventure of seeing the world in its entirety.

          From one wanderer to the next, I hope you always think of the footprints you have made- and always look happily towards all the new ones you will make.









If you post a picture of your “Throwback Thursday” destination tag #CreatingFootprints so I can reminisce with you!


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